What is DuraTherm

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DuraTherm is a decorative asphalt surfacing system designed specifically for high-traffic areas. DuraTherm’s tremendous durability ensures your streetscape will maintain its bold look for many years. It holds up to the toughest traffic and weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance. DuraTherm’s uniquely formulated thermoplastic material is inlaid into imprinted asphalt and lasts considerably longer than surface-laid thermoplastics.

Installing the thermoplastic flush with the asphalt makes it extremely resistant to wear caused by traffic and snowplows. In most cases installation of one lane is complete in 90 minutes. Maintenance is simple: just power wash and the removal of dirt and grime will bring new life to DuraTherm colors.

Since DuraTherm’s market introduction in 2002, we have installed it in hundreds of communities across North America. Our work has attracted stakeholders who appreciate the solutions that DuraTherm brings to their ever-present concerns for their communities: safe streets and public spaces, practical and cost-effective installation and maintenance, and a positive community image.

How Do We Install DuraTherm?

  1. Heat asphalt using gentle reciprocating heat.
  2. Imprint and remove pattern templates.
  3. Insert high-performance thermoplastic.
  4. Melt and permanently fuse thermoplastic to asphalt surface.
Use DuraTherm in Your:

Streetscape projects
Hardscape projects
Parking lot projects.

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